Detailing Packages

  • The Cheshire Safe Wash
  • The Cheshire Decontamination Wash
  • The Big Cheshire Standard
  • The Cheshire Signature Clean
  • The Ultimate Cheshire Deep Clean

The Cheshire Safe Wash

We don't believe in just a quick wash and when you see how much detail goes into our entry-level service you will understand why we are Cheshires premium service.

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The Cheshire Decontamination Wash

When soap just isn't enough the decontamination clean is for those cars where there is foreign contaminants on the paintwork ie Road tar, iron filings tree sap or bird etchings this service will get that car looking better than showroom condition

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The Big Cheshire Standard

Introducing our THE BIG CHESHIRE STANDARD the perfect pampering for your car ! At Cheshire detailing we recognise the importance of a mini makeover. Our skilled team is here to provide you with a meticulous mini service that is designed to give your vehicle that extra dose of care and attention it craves.

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The Cheshire Signature Clean

The Cheshire signature clean is the perfect balance of care and rejuvenation for your vehicle! At Cheshire detailing we understand your car deserves and needs more than just our entry level clean yet you may not need a full scale deep clean of the car.

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The Ultimate Cheshire Deep Clean

This is for those cars where the mini detail just won't do it this detail is basically a full interior deep clean for your car so whether it be the seats are dirty or dirt is grained into the carpets and mats this is the option for you.

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Enhancement Packages

  • The Single Stage Machine Polish Correction & Enhancement Package
  • 2 Stage Paint Correction

The Single Stage Machine Polish Correction & Enhancement Package

A single stage machine polish is a one step cutting compound that will remove swirls and some blemishes leaving your vehicle with a smooth high gloss finish this option is great for cars that have some paint defects such as swirl marks or quite simply has just lost its shine and you want that better than showroom condition

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Stage 2 Paint Correction

We recommend this treatment where a single stage polish just won't do it, this is for badly defected cars with a heavy swirling of the car where your splash and dash services have been attacking your paint with incorrect wash techniques and abrasive chemicals.

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Ceramic Coating

We are accredited detailers in ceramic coatings, ceramic coatings provide resistance to weather, abrasion, marring, temperature, chemicals, and contaminants, forming a strong bond to the surface it will not melt, crack or wear off.


The Ceramic Coating Package

Give your vehicle a 7 year 10h protection guaranteed. Using the latest state of the art technology, ceramic coating will enable your car to look its best, in ‘showroom condition’ for longer.

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The Graphene Coating Package

We are the first detailing company in Manchester/Cheshire to be accredited in graphene coating we are accredited installers  we are excited to announce the specialist 7-year 10h coating

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