The Cheshire Decontamination Wash

For where soap just isn't enough the decontamination clean is for those cars where there is foreign contaminants on the paintwork ie Road tar, iron filings tree sap or bird etchings this service will get that car looking better than showroom condition


What You Get

  • Alloy wheels face and barrels, arches and tyres cleaned
    (PH neutral cleaners and dedicated detailing brushes)
  • PH neutral citrus pre wash left to dwell & rinse
  • Snow foam of the whole vehicle and left to dwell before the final rinse before the contact wash
  • All door shuts and petrol flaps are cleaned
  • Finally the traditional and safe 2 bucket method contact wash with a premium luxury lambswool mitt to keep that bodywork swirl free
  • Full Tar and glue removal followed by fallout remover to get rid of any iron particles off the vehicle
  • Full clay bar down of the car with a dedicated spray
  • Hand dried using a Luxury microfibre anti scratch towel to dry the car off
    (Add a blow dry using our dedicated blowers £10.00)
  • After all this we then lock in that shine with a dedicated hard wax followed by a 3 month spray sealant
    (your welcome to upgrade waxes and sealants prior to coming)
  • High grade tyre dressing
  • Exterior windows cleaned

Our Prices

Decontamination Wash