The Cheshire Signature Clean

The Cheshire signature clean is the perfect balance of care and rejuvenation for your vehicle!

At Cheshire detailing we understand your car deserves and needs more than just our entry level clean yet you may not need a full scale deep clean of the car.
Our expert car care specialist is here to provide a comprehensive refresh, Striking the ideal middle ground with our signature clean.


What You Get

  • Full alloy wheel deep clean
  • Full citrus pre wash & rinse down of the car
  • Full snow foam pre wash & rinse down
  • 2 bucket method contact wash
  • Full air dry down of bodywork & wheels
  • Premium grade tyre dress
  • Exterior finished in a Si02 infused glaze
  • All door shuts & jars cleaned
  • Full interior vacuum
  • Microfibre & brush dust down of dash and center console areas
  • Full interior chemical wipe down of the seats carpets mats door cards
  • Leather cleaned and moisturized
  • Interior glass cleaned
  • All interior plastics cleaned
  • Signature air freshener

Our Prices

Full Signature Clean