The Big Cheshire Standard

Introducing our THE BIG CHESHIRE STANDARD the perfect pampering for your car !

At Cheshire detailing we recognise the importance of a mini makeover. Our skilled team is here to provide you with a meticulous mini service that is designed to give your vehicle that extra dose of care and attention it craves.


What You Get

  • Full alloy wheel deep clean
  • Full citrus pre wash & rinse down of the car
  • Full snow foam pre wash & rinse down
  • 2 bucket method contact wash
  • Full air dry down of bodywork & wheels
  • Premium grade tyre dress
  • Exterior finished in a Si02 infused glaze
  • All door shuts & jars cleaned
  • Full interior vacuum
  • Microfibre & brush dust down of dash and center console areas
  • Interior glass cleaned
  • All interior plastics cleaned
  • Signature air freshener

Our Prices

The Big Cheshire Standard